This past Saturday, thousands of people gathered at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in New York City to celebrate Spring, friendship and equality for all.

Organized by Bhangra NYC, the festival really brought to life the meaning of Holi Hai.

The “joie de vivre” that emanates from the sculptures currently on view at the Plaza, and the vibrant colors in the works of Brazilian artist Mazeredo, really suited the mood. The artist’s Dialogue series was meant to bring people from different backgrounds together. The Festival happened to converge on the same theme and brought performing arts to visual arts before the United Nations building on a beautiful Spring morning. Part of the coverage can be seen below.

This post is part of the series “Awe inspiring!”. More on the topic to come after the opening of the Frieze New York Art Fair.









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25  Sep
Away with Words

Paragliding Every trip starts with a thought. A simple thought that one dares to voice. Another person agrees with. It soon turns into a game of calendar crossword and budget juggling and as soon as the credit card digits go through you know you are really going. You write e-mails telling your contacts or trying to make new ones at the destination. Departing is always a function of finding the right words to map out your take-off and landing. When you get to a place you have never been to, and one that is very different from your own surroundings, you find you are out of words to describe it. The ineptitude of your own vocabulary makes you feel as though you are unworthy of journalistic depictions of this journey, which has certainly been made by so many others before.

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