It was raining and sunny at the same time and I was walking along First Avenue with my fiance.  He said “It’s like life, it rains and shines at the same time in life too.”  This made me think of a few things I love about New York City, and a few things I love sharing with out of town visitors…

1. The Big Piano at F.A.O. Schwartz, it still gets me after all these years.

2. Knowledgeable sommeliers at wine stores.  Forget the grumpy man at the Liquor store who is reading the news in a foreign alphabet and scratching his beard.  New York has too many great stores for you to settle for the nearest non-friendly liquor store.  Check out Serendipity, on First Avenue between 82nd and 83rd Street if you live uptown.  If you live downtown, you will loooove this shop and its owner:  He is very animated, he’s got maps and anecdotes about the regions where the wine came from, and he is very veeery generous with pouring the wine during the tastings.

3. The names of the colors of nail polish at beauty salons:  Wrapped in Rubbies; Montauk, the end; Curtain Call.  I think I spend more time reading the names of the colors and wishing I had that job of naming the colors than actually getting any beauty procedures done.

4. The Ziegfeld theatre!  ( I beg you see a film there if you have never been.

5. The little obscure hair salons that are cheap, fast, effective and make you look truly dazzling.  I like Hair Mates and Dea Beauty Salon, but there are others…  Hair salons on a street block are inevitably more attentive than the ones on main avenues and busy intersections.  Needless to say, the chain ones are never good.

I’ll leave it High-fidelity style with only my top five.  Being a foodie, I could say lots of things about Chelsea Market but since that’s right by the High-Line park, my new favorite spot,  I’ll write about those two separately in a Summer entry.  The point is, there will always be spots in your life’s map which are covered by a cloud, but there are sunny spots too, you just have to find them.  And to keep moving forward.

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